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 The truth about water

All water is made up of molecules which are naturally grouped together forming clusters of different size. Over time as these water clusters are exposed to chemical treatments, environmental pollutants, high temperature exposure and constant usage, these water clusters become larger and irregular.

This is particularly true in bottled water. Before the water is bottled, it goes through several harsh filtration processes like vaporization, and ionization to purify the water before additives like electrolytes, sugars, and flavors are added to improve the taste.

Our bodies struggle to accept this water because some of the clusters are too big to go through the cell membrane. As a result, the water we drink does not provide our bodies with optimal benefit and we become under-hydrated.

Our bodies are composed of mostly water and we constantly need to replenish ourselves with fresh, clean and 'Available' water. ‘Available’, meaning our cells can absorb the water and thus carry out all of the cell functions necessary for our bodies.

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neaū has spent years to develop the most effective method to allow our bodies to achieve optimal hydration and have done so by harnessing the natural powers of earth. We have been in the research and development of those solutions for many years.

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