the truth about today’s water.

All water on Earth is continuously recycled through a process called the water cycle, a natural process through which water is continuously cycled and redistributed between various reservoirs such as oceans, lakes, rivers, groundwater, and the atmosphere. Humans depend on the water cycle’s ability to continue providing fresh, drinkable water.

Over recent decades, water demand has increased significantly for both personal and industrial use. More water is collected, processed, and exposed to pollutants leading to negative consequences collectively known as water stress.

When water is stressed, it negatively impacts all living things, including us! More people are stressed and dehydrated than ever before. Water is broken, it has been working under some tough conditions: recycling, overprocessing and additives again and again and again…

It’s no wonder it isn’t performing like it’s supposed to. 

It’s time to welcome back, water. 

neaū water for a new you.