Frequently Asked Questions

What makes neaū water better?

Our restorative technology frees H20, bringing water back to its original, delicious self. Think of us like a spa day on a cellular level, like a deep-tissue release of years of water-trauma. The answer to harder working water is to heal it. Because when your water feels better, so do you. This is how water was intended to taste: crisp and clean with naturally balanced pH and absolutely no additives.

What is the source of neaū water?

We try to be as local as we can to minimize emissions and to lower carbon footprint. To achieve that, we work with the best water sources closest to you.

What does neaū mean?

‘EAU’ in French means water. The name neaū is inspired by our European heritage. neaū is pronounced as new, nu, noo. The name represents novelty, freshness and purity.

What is the pH of neaū water?

At neaū, we bring water back to how it was intended to be: free of additives and naturally balanced pH.

What kind of bottle do you use?

At neaū we currently use BPA free, recyclable bottles and caps and forever recyclable aluminum bottles. We are also looking for alternative options as part of our ongoing sustainability efforts.

What are neaū water’s sustainability initiatives?

neaū water’s clean Hydration by Advanced Restorative Technology (H.A.R.T)™ does not require additional electricity and produces minimal waste at production. At neaū, we use absolutely no additives or chemicals that may harm the environment, humans or animals.

Where can I buy neaū water?

neaū water is available on Amazon and in select stores. Help us spread the word, so we can provide locally sourced water at locations near you!